General Client Questions

The following, is a series of Frequently Asked Questions prepared by our technical team.

What is Agru Australia's policy on technology?

Agru Australia prides itself on keeping up to date with the latest in technological advances and ways to better serve its’ customers. With this in mind, Agru Australia ensures that the information on their web site is reviewed and updated in line with any product changes/advancements; this means that their customers receive that extra edge over their competition and places Agru Australia at the forefront of technology and service in this field. Agru Australia also produces monthly email newsletters which are distributed to clients to ensure they are up to date with the new products available and any news that is coming out of the Agru Australia warehouses.

Is Agru Australia Professionally Accredited?

AGRU Austria has always strived to maintain and adhere to the highest standards that police the industry and believe that this vision is reflected in the number of Accreditations and Standards they have achieved. The current Accreditations received by AGRU Austria include: IQ Net, Watermark, ISO 9001, TUV Certificate.

Does Agru Australia provide technical support for Projects?

Agru Australia offers personal services to Engineers, Contractors, Geomembrane Installation Contractors and Company Owners to ensure that the products supplied meet the material specifications approved for each project. Employing sales staff that has considerable experience in the plastic industry is one of the ways Agru Australia ensures that they provide support for clients project needs and guarantee customer satisfaction.

What are the main brands that Agru Australia distributes?

Agru Australia is the exclusive Australian distributor for world recognised brands AGRU Austria, Wilo Pumps, Ital Butt Welders and Ascuter Welders.

How long have Agru Products been available?

Agru Australia’s’ range of high quality piping and fittings for water, gas, sewage, chemical products, drainage and geomembrane systems are produced by AGRU Austria. The company has been supplying quality products to over 80 countries, including Australia, since 1966.

When was Agru Australia established?

Agru Australia established 1990 in Singleton New South Wales, since then the business has seen rapid growth across Australia, with warehouses now located in Brisbane, Queensland and Perth, Western Australia and their newest warehouse in Truganina, Victoria.